We place emphasis on sustainable development and social projects

The company has clear ideas on financial progress and is becoming involved with sustainable development:

This means that the average age of the fleet is 3 years, (less fuel consumption, less emission of particles, less acoustic contamination, EURO 5 environmentally friendly engines.)

Management of waste by certified recovering entities (Tyres, Oils, metal scrap, Paper/Cardboard, Plastic, and Wood)

We cooperate with organisations/institutions with humanitarian purposes of social solidarity and relevant social causes.

Transports i Logística Berrio actively and voluntarily contributes to social improvement projects, as part of its company philosophy.


In this line, it has cooperated with Bomberos Humanitarios in an initiative consisting of taking an ambulance to the Psychiatric Hospital of Minsk, in Belarus. This hospital which is specialised in child healthcare treats around 125 children.

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