Convenience, speed and efficiency in the transport of goods

Transporte Intermodal
This is due to our long-standing experience in road transport, as well as our confidence in other business lines, we have dedicated part of our fleet to this activity.

During the course of these years we have spared no effort whatsoever in providing our clients with comprehensive logistic solutions, combining road traffic with other means such as the train and boat.

We have every confidence in the importance of this transport modality, in order to carry out transportation operations of material and goods in a faster and more efficient way.

For this reason we are making every effort for its promotion and development with our resources and by means of cooperation agreements with leading maritime and railway operators.

The following are some of the advantages:
  • Decrease in transit time.
  • Decease in transport costs.
  • Decrease in loading and unloading times.
  • The simplification of paperwork.