GRUPO LOGISTICO BERRIO is a benchmark company in the transport of goods by road and as a logistics operator.

The quality policy for our companies is based on the following principles:

  • Being aware of and clearly complying with the demands, requirements and expectations, explicit or implicit, of our clients and other parties involved

  • Developing the organisation coherently in order to properly address the current and future state of the market.

  • Sharing the established goals and quality criteria on all levels of our corporate structure.

  • Implementing indicators to measure quality and monitor their progress, allowing us to be aware and ensure we provide the service and quality guarantee our clients demand.

  • Sharing our quality policy with all interested parties.

  • Developing lifelong-learning programmes suited to the needs of our internal and external clients.

  • Promoting and consolidating the interactive nature of the whole organisational structure.

  • Being committed to ongoing improvement in carrying out all of the company’s activities.

  • Fostering and creating a stimulating, motivating work environment for all members of the company.

  • Being respectful of the environment, minimising consumption and waste.