Types of semi-trailer according to load

  • Tautliner

    Equipped with sliding tarpaulin sides and built in bracing belts. These tarpaulins can be moved sideways like a curtain, to make it easier to load and unload particularly voluminous goods.

  • Tautliner (sliding roof)

    Equipped with sliding tarpaulin roof and sides and with built in bracing belts. This sliding tarpaulin roof allows you to use the upper part of the semi-trailer, to perform loading tasks using a boom crane or travelling crane.

    Tautliner (sliding roof)
  • Wagon

    Completely closed wagon for transporting goods which require more delicate and traveled with the utmost security.

  • Fridge

    For goods that must be transported at very low temperatures and in a controlled manner throughout their entire journey, be they pharmaceutical, food, drink or other types of products.

  • Open platforms

    For performing transportation services for industrial machinery, construction materials, irons, concrete blocks, etc.

    Open platforms
  • Container carrying

    For carrying shipping containers, be they 20 or 40 footers.

    Container carrying
  • Gondola

    For performing transportation services for machinery and vehicles, be they for industrial or personal use.

  • Mobile Bed

    For performing transportation services for waste, recycled materials, or products sold in bulk such as coal, wood, etc

    Mobile Bed